Sickening Horror was created on January 2002 in Athens, Greece.

The band’s style is primarily technical Death Metal but combined with many progressive elements and melodic textures. With each album, the purpose is always to push limits and explore new territories and sounds. The lyrical themes deal with personal issues, introspection, self-transcendence usually presented in a metaphorical or surreal way.

So far the band has released 3 albums on various labels and has performed live shows all over Europe as well as in Russia. Playing live is one of the strongest features of the band as it is known for its intense and energetic shows and it’s always looking for the next gig.

These days the band is in the studio to record the long-awaited 4th album. This time the songs have a more old-school, straightforward thrashy approach which encaptures in a perfect way the energy of the band this era.


George Antipatis - vox, guitar
Vasilis Antipatis - drums
Orestis Ntomis - bass